Palumbo Pasquale, PhD

The activity is focused on the following research lines

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Systems biology


Laurea degree (1995) and Ph.D (2000) in Electronic Engineering, University of L’Aquila. Associate Professor of Automatic Control (ING/INF-04), Department of Biotechnologies and Biosciences, University of Milano-Bicocca, since 2019.

In 2000 joined the Institute of Systems Analysis and Computer Science “A. Ruberti” at the National Research Council (IASI-CNR) as a post-doc till 2005, then as a reasearcher till 2019, then as a research associate till present. In 2019 won a CNR contest as a senior researcher.

Contract Professor at the University of L’Aquila, School of Engineering, from 2000 till 2019, teaching Probability and Statistics (2000/01 and 2001/02), Automatic Control (2002/03), Systems Theory (from 2003/04 till 2006/07), Systems Biology (lessons in English, 2018/19). Supervisor of more than 80 theses (36 Master theses) concerning Systems Theory, Automatic Control, Biomathematics and Systems Biology.

Honorary Professor at Obuda University, Budapest, Hungary (since 2018).

Member of the IEEE Control Systems Society and of the IEEE Technical Committees on Systems Biology and on Healthcare and Medical Systems. Member of the Italian Association of Researchers in Automatic Control (SIDRA). Member of the Italian Society for Applied and Industrial Mathematics (SIMAI). Member of the Italian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SIB).

Author of over 100 peer-review publications, indexed on ISI-WOS and Scopus. Recipient of the 2013 Editor's Award of the Kybernetyka Journal. Recipient of the 2018 Editor's Award of the IET Systems Biology Journal.

Member of the Editorial Board of PLoS ONE, Frontiers, Mathematical Problems in Engineering journals. Member of the Conference Editorial Board (CEB) of the IEEE Control Systems Society


Mathematical Control Theory, State estimation, Nonlinear Filtering, Stochastic Systems, Artificial Pancreas, Healthcare and Biomedical Systems, Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology, Chemical Master Equations

Research interest

Scientific activity involves both methodological items, like Mathematical control theory (Polynomial method for stochastic control and filtering, Positive systems) and application items, like Mathematical modeling and control in biology and medicine (glucose-insulin models, the artificial pancreas, tumor growth control) and Systems and Synthetic Biology (Integrated models of cellular metabolism, growth and cycle, Metabolic Flux Analysis, Chemical Master Equations, noise propagation in transcriptional and metabolic networks)

Selected articles

(1) Palumbo, P., Vanoni, M., Cusimano, V., Busti, S., Marano, F., Manes, C., et al. (2016). Whi5 phosphorylation embedded in the G 1 /S network dynamically controls critical cell size and cell fate. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 7, 11372.

(ii) Borri, A., Palumbo, P., & Singh, A. (2016). Impact of negative feedback in metabolic noise propagation. IET SYSTEMS BIOLOGY, 10(5), 179-186.

(iii) Borri, A., Cacace, F., De Gaetano, A., Germani, A., Manes, C., Palumbo, P., et al. (2017). Luenberger-Like Observers for Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems with Application to the Artificial Pancreas: The Attainment of Good Performance. IEEE CONTROL SYSTEMS, 37(4), 33-49.

(iv) Cacace, F., Cusimano, V., & Palumbo, P. (2020). Optimal impulsive control with application to antiangiogenic tumor therapy. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CONTROL SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY, 28(1), 106-117.

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