Tommasi Nicola

Assistant Professor of Zoology

Tommasi Nicola BtBs UNIMIB


room 4004, building U4, tel.: +39 02 6448 3568

lab 4012, building U4, tel. +39 02 6448 3415


The activity is focused on the following research lines

Enviromental Biodiversity and Ecosystem Reasearch area BtBs UNIMIB
Enviromental Biodiversity and Ecosystem

Interaction Biology and Functional Ecology, Ecosystem services & plant-animal interactions


Biodiversity, Urban ecology, Molecular ecology, Applied zoology, Molecular interactions, Pollinators and anthropic stress, DNA metabarcoding, Zoology, Urban habitat adaptation

Research interest

Ecosystem services, Plant-animal interactions, Urban biodiversity, Animal adaptation to anthropic stress

Selected articles

Tommasi, N., Biella, P., Guzzetti, L., Lasway, J. V., Njovu, H. K., Tapparo, A., ... & Galimberti, A. (2021). Impact of land use intensification and local features on plants and pollinators in Sub-Saharan smallholder farms. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 319, 107560.

Tommasi, N., Biella, P., Maggioni, D., Fallati, L., Agostinetto, G., Labra, M., ... & Galimberti, A. (2022). DNA metabarcoding unveils the effects of habitat fragmentation on pollinator diversity, plant‐pollinator interactions, and pollination efficiency in Maldive islands. Molecular Ecology. 2022;00:1–11. DOI: 10.1111/mec.16537

Tommasi, N., Pioltelli, E., Biella, P., Labra, M., Casiraghi, M., & Galimberti, A. (2022). Effect of urbanization and its environmental stressors on the intraspecific variation of flight functional traits in two bumblebee species. Oecologia, 199(2), 289-299.  DOI: 10.1007/s00442-022-05184-x

Biella, P., Tommasi, N., Guzzetti, L., Pioltelli, E., Labra, M., & Galimberti, A. (2022). City climate and landscape structure shape pollinators, nectar and transported pollen along a gradient of urbanization. Journal of Applied Ecology, 59(6), 1586-1595.

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