Doctoral program TeCSBi


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The PhD Course in Converging Technologies for Biomolecular Systems (TeCSBi) aims to provide doctoral students with the scientific and professional tools necessary to address biological and biotechnological challenges using multidisciplinary approaches. These new professional figures will play a pivotal role in future academic and industrial innovation.

Distinctive Features of TeCSBi

The cultural project of the course focuses on biological systems studied from the point of view of specific emerging properties, exploiting innovative technologies and analyzing the different levels of complexity, from the ecosystemic to the molecular one.

The research activities offered by TeCSBi are based on three main pillars:

  • Study of complex biological functions with molecular and Systems Biology approaches;
  • Synthetic Biology, Bio-organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry;
  • Characterization of biodiversity and bioprospecting for the protection and valorization of ecosystems and resources.


  • Advanced training and collaboration with industries through specific projects focused on joint activities with companies;
  • Internationalization through tight and fruitful collaborations with international research centers and universities, agreements with relevant PhD courses and joint PhD programs;
  • RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation): the industrial and industrially -oriented PhD projects are conceived following the RRI principles, therefore an initial evaluation of viability and sustainability is carried out together with sponsors, consortia and national and international institutions.


Dissemination: "Pillole di Scienza" la ricerca per tutti. A cura dei dottorandi del corso

Microorganismi: fabbriche invisibili - Pillole di Scienza di Stefano Bertacchi

Il metabolismo: un possibile alleato contro il cancro - Pillole di Scienza di Gloria Campioni

Il microbiota intestinale: il nostro alleato invisibile - Pillole di Alessandra De Giani

Yeasts feeding our home and sustaining our planet - Science pills of Pooja Jayaprakash

Scienza in tazzina: caffè e biologia la miscela perfetta – Pillole di Scienza di Valentina Artusa

Il futuro della medicina: la modellistica per i biomateriali -Pillole di Scienza di Federico Fontana