Palmioli Alessandro, PhD


Bioorganic chemistry, Bioactive molecules, Natural compounds, Drug discovery, NMR spectroscopy, MS spectrometry, Metabolomics

The activity is focused on the following research lines

Health research area BtBs UNIMIB

Aging Diseases, Cancer, Drug Discovery and Pharmacology, Neurodegenerative and neurological diseases.

FOOD BtBs UNIMIB research area

Phytoextract and natural bioactive compounds

Research interest

My research interests are mainly focused on the design and synthesis of bioactive compounds and molecular tools for biomedical and biotechnological applications. More recently, I have moved on the characterization of complex mixtures of natural origin aimed at the identification and isolation of chemoprotective compounds.

Research projects

MicroBiomA-S - Exploring the diversity of soil microbes and their biomolecules in Victoria Land, funded by PNRA 2018
BacHounds - Supramolecular nanostructures for bacteria detection, funded by PRIN2017

Selected articles

-Palmioli, A.;  Sperandeo, P.;  Bertuzzi, S.;  Polissi, A.; Airoldi, C., On-cell saturation transfer difference NMR for the identification of FimH ligands and inhibitors. Bioorganic Chemistry 2021, 112, 104876.

-Palmioli, A.;  Nicolini, G.;  Tripodi, F.;  Orsato, A.;  Ceresa, C.;  Donzelli, E.;  Arici, M.;  Coccetti, P.;  Rocchetti, M.;  La Ferla, B.; Airoldi, C., Targeting GRP receptor: design, synthesis and preliminary biological characterization of new non-peptide antagonists of bombesin. Bioorganic Chemistry 2021, 109, 104739. 

-Palmioli, A.;  Bertuzzi, S.;  De Luigi, A.;  Colombo, L.;  La Ferla, B.;  Salmona, M.;  De Noni, I.; Airoldi, C., bioNMR-based identification of natural anti-Aβ compounds in Peucedanum ostruthium. Bioorganic Chemistry 2019, 83, 76-86.

-Palmioli, A.;  Ciaramelli, C.;  Tisi, R.;  Spinelli, M.;  De Sanctis, G.;  Sacco, E.; Airoldi, C., Natural Compounds in Cancer Prevention: Effects of Coffee Extracts and Their Main Polyphenolic Component, 5-O-Caffeoylquinic Acid, on Oncogenic Ras Proteins. Chemistry – An Asian Journal 2017, 12 (18), 2457-2466. 

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