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Spotlight on PhD students: The Spring Meetings: a new way to introduce our PhD students. June 15, 2022

Comment by Alex Pessina
TeCSBi SPOTLIGHT on PhD students

Comment by Alex PessinaBrambilla’s Lab )

Here we are with the last Spring Meeting appointment! On Wednesday, June 15th, the talks will include different scientific topics ranging from new enzymes and antibiotic discovery to sustainable production and health risk assessment. Besides, we remind you the opportunity to ask questions which will surely enrich the discussion. Don’t be shy!

For the first year, we’ll welcome Mirko Zago ( Branduardi’s Lab ) and Alessandro MarchettiLotti’s Lab ), who will introduce their PhD projects. Mirko, with his presentation entitled “Novel biotechnological routes for the production of low molecular weight (LMW) esters”, will present us an alternative route to make LMW esters with a view to a circular economy and carbon neutral balance process, challenging the current unsustainable chemical processes. With a speech entitled “Discovery of Antarctic glycoside hydrolases for marine polysaccharides degradation”, Alessandro will discuss the discovery of putative glycoside hydrolases from Antarctic bacteria and their degradation performances using different substrates, which could have a valuable biotechnological application.

From the second year, Thomas VernayAiroldi’s Lab ) and Giulia Motta will update us about the progress achieved so far. Thomas with the presentation “Computational techniques in natural products discovery” will face with the antibiotic resistance crisis and will guide us through the discovery of new antibiotics with potential antibiofilm activity, by characterizing Actinobacteria strains exploiting new structure-based AI-assisted tools. Giulia, with her speech entitled “Development of an exposure strategy to assess the impact of metal-based nanoparticles at environmental doses in vitro lung models” will close the session illustrating a different use of Vitrocell® Cloud Alpha 12 system, a new cell exposure method, using metal-based nanoparticles for health risk assessment.

Luca Mastella ( Branduardi’s Lab ) will chair the meeting, guiding us and enriching the discussion.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, June 15th, in room U1-04 at 14.00.

Good luck to everyone! We hope to see you during this meeting!

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