07 luglio 2022

BtBs Seminar - The road to green and circular strategies for the production of bio-based chemicals

Serra Immacolata - giovedì, 7 luglio 2022, ore 16:30, aula U3-04 / Webex

Biotechnology and Biosciences Seminar - giovedì, 7 luglio 2022, ore 16:30, aula U3-04 / Webex

Immacolata Serra,  Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biotechnology of Fermentations at University of Milano-Bicocca, Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences

Serra’s Lab


For decades, the petrochemical refinery has served as a predominant supplier of fuels, chemical commodities, and materials. Nowadays bioprocesses, either fermentative or biocatalytic, and preferably based on renewable biomass feedstock, represent a new sustainable and green approach to the manufacture of chemicals. They are promising to enable the replacement of petroleum-based raw materials, thereby limiting the depletion of resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, toxic by-products, and the safety risks associated with traditional processing, embracing the principles of green chemistry.

In this seminar, I will discuss strategies and challenges of these processes as well as our latest results on this field with a focus on the valorization of yeasts biodiversity as cell factories for the up-cycling of residual biomasses.

LINK per partecipare al seminario:  https://unimib.webex.com/unimib-it/j.php?MTID=m781ddeed01819e7290ade769997c2c66

password:  day07 (32907 da telefoni)

Il seminario è APERTO a tutti.

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