BtBsDay 2022

Giornata del Dipartimento di Biotecnologie e Bioscienze 2022

martedì 13 dicembre 2022, ore 9:00 – 17:30, Aula “Luisella Sironi” (U4-8)


9.00 - Apertura e saluti istituzionali

Sessione I: Chairs: Sara Mercurio, Roberta Baldi

9.15 - Federica Barbugian, Model of 3D bioprinted glioblastoma for drug screening and understanding the role of ECM in malignancy. (abstract)

9.30 - Francesca Cadamuro, Glycosignature in 3D-printed extracellular matrix in gastrointestinal cancer. (abstract)

9.45 - Veronica Krenn, Engineering human brain organoids to study the biology underlying neurodevelopmental disorders. (abstract)

10.00 - Giulia Stucchi, Role of danger and microbial signals in neutrophils subpopulations recruitment during infection. (abstract)

10.15 - Giuseppe Rocca, Unravelling the human type 3 dendritic cells murine homologue: from scRNAseq cross-species integration to an adenocarcinoma mouse model. (abstract)

10.30 / 11.00 – Coffee Break

Sessione II - Chairs: Immacolata Serra,

11.00 – Elisa Perciballi, Characterization of the p.L145F and p.S135N mutations in SOD1: impact on the metabolism of fibroblasts derived from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients. (abstract)

11.15 - Bruno Galuzzi, Machine Learning for Efficient Prediction of Protein Redox Potential: The Flavoproteins Case. (abstract)

11.30 - Martina Arici, SERCA2a protein purification to study interaction between SERCA2a-PLN complex and new istaroxime follow-on compounds. (abstract)

11.45 - Laura Clara Grandi, Do orexin and Dopamine interact in ventral tegmental area? Implications for Narcolepsy. (abstract)

12.00 - Claudia Maniezzi, PLN-R14del mutation: pathogenetic mechanism in a transgenic mouse model of dilated cardiomyopathy. (abstract)

12:15 - Paola Branduardi, intervento sulla Commissione Dipartimentale Industria e Territorio.

12.25 / 13.30 – Pausa pranzo e sessione POSTER (P01-15, P16-30, P31-45, P46-54)/ GRAPHICAL ABSTRACT (GA01-04)

13.30 / 14.30 – Sessione POSTER / GRAPHICAL ABSTRACT

Sessione III - Chairs: Luisa Fiandra, Stefania Garbujo

14.30 - Alessio Romerio, Synthesis Optimization and Biological Characterization of New Toll-Like Receptor 4 (TLR4) Modulators. (abstract)

14.45 – Ana Rita Franco, Development of New Toll-Like Receptor 4-directed Adjuvants and Clarification of their Mechanism of Action. (abstract)

15.00 - Alessandra De Giani, In vitro reconstructed human gut microbiota as a new tool for bacterial interaction studies. (abstract)

15.15 - Sara Fumagalli, Facing the challenges of non-standardized data: a curated meta-analysis on skin microbiome in aging. (abstract)

15.30 - Alessandro Marchetti, Mn2+ binding enhances mesophilic properties of an Antarctic esterase. (abstract)

15.45 / 16.15 – Coffee Break

16.15 – I social media nella comunicazione scientifica (Tavola Rotonda)

Moderatore: Stefano Bertacchi

Invitato: Diego Di Donato, Social media & community manager UNIMIB

Interverranno: Alessandra De Giani - YouTube, Martina Arici - Instagram, Marco Orlandi - LinkedIn, Reinaldo Alvarez – Twitter

17.15 – Consegna premi e Chiusura evento


Premio al miglior POSTER nella categoria PhD students: Ilaria Goglia (P25) (abstract)

Premio al miglior POSTER nella categoria Assegnisti/borsisti: Camilla Pantaleoni (P40) (abstract)

Premio al miglior POSTER nella categoria Tesi magistrale: Giulia Parolo (P23) (abstract)

Premio al miglior GRAPHICAL/ABSTRACT: Sara Barilà (GA02) (abstract)

Premio al miglior VIDEO “My thesis in three minute”:  Francesca Servidio  ( ) e Selene Lorenzin ( )