Martedì, 25 gennaio 2022

Spotlight on PhD students: Ph.D. thesis defenses XXXIV cycle

TeCSBi SPOTLIGHT on PhD students

Comment by Roberta Torinesi

We are very pleased to announce that our colleagues of the XXXIV cycle will defend their Ph.D. thesis this week:

Jan 26th, 2022: Fabrizio Beltrametti, Erika Casari, Alessandra De Giani (room U3-03)

Jan 28th, 2022: Giulia Agostinetto, Sofia Magli, Nicola Tommasi (room U3-05)


Please note: due to COVID restrictions, only a few spots are available in the rooms. Anyway, you can connect through the WebEx platform to show your support.

Link Jan 26th:

Password: JAN26

Link Jan 28th:

Password: JAN28

Save the date and, of course, good luck guys!


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