The power of advanced multiplexed imaging: costeffective strategies for benchtop spatial biology

Venerdì 17 Maggio 2024 Venerdì 17 Maggio 2024
Advanced Training: Registration by 17th May 2024
Fettone Nero

17th-21st June 2024
University of Milano-Bicocca (IT)

Registration by 17th May 2024

Advanced Training
The power of advanced multiplexed imaging: cost effective strategies for bench top spatial biology

The primary objective of this course is to ensure that each participant, at the end of the training experience, acquires the critical competence and necessary independence to apply the two main multiparametric immunofluorescen-ce techniques proposed, namely Iterative Bleaching EXtends multiplexity (IBEX) and Multiple Iterative Labeling by Antibody Neodeposition (MILAN), dedica-ted respectively to the analysis of biological samples from murine and human histological sections.
Particular attention will be devoted to the acquisition of a complete mastery of both methodologies, in order to enable students to use these approaches with confiden-ce and precision. Theoretical and, above all, practical insights will be detailed and enriched by laboratory ses-sions, enabling participants to develop operational and manual skills in the use of instruments and the accurate execution of techniques. The acquired skills will enable the individual participant to carry out the methodologies autonomously, developing a high critical sense and problem-solving ability to ensure the reproducibility of these complex methodologies even in contexts and fields of investigation different from those presented in the course. In addition, a key element of the training programme will be to guarantee access to advanced image analysis methodologies, thus enabling course participants to independently manage all stages of the multi-parametric image acquisition and analysis process.