Martedì, 13 settembre 2022


Starting from Autumn 2022 in the group of Prof. Coccetti
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We are looking for a highly motivated and talented young researcher in yeast cellular biology with a master degree in Biological Sciences or Biotechnology. In your role, you will work on an exciting research project on the biochemical laws which integrate signals from key metabolic sensory systems, such as AMPK, and synchronize their activities with cell cycle clock. Fluorescence microscopy and single cell imaging techniques will be also used to evaluate cellular response as a function of different growth conditions of cell cycle and redox signals mutants to deeply investigate the regulatory mechanisms of essential functions of living cells.

PhD is not a requirement for candidates.

At least one publication is required to apply.

Starting from Autumn 2022 in the group of Prof. Coccetti.

Prof.ssa Paola Coccetti ( Coccetti’s Lab )
Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences
University of Milano Bicocca
P. zza della Scienza 2, 20126
Milano, Italy
Tel. 02-64483521-13
ORCID: 0000-0001-5898-5883

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