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giovedì 25 febbraio 2016, ore 14:00, aula 2025, edificio U3.

Christopher H. Contag, Ph.D., Stanford University. Stanford, CA
Anna Moore, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School. Boston, MA

It has been two decades since researchers at Stanford University showed that the progression of disease can be tracked noninvasively in living animals using bioluminescence imaging. Since then, researchers have developed and utilized a variety of molecular imaging techniques employing bioluminescence, fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and Cerenkov luminescence, combined with sophisticated imaging technologies, to increase our understanding of complex diseases and develop new therapeutic solutions. More recently, optical imaging has been combined with clinical imaging technologies, such as microcomputed tomography (microCT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and positron emission tomography (PET) to produce multimodal imaging techniques that allow molecular, functional, and anatomical data to be seamlessly merged. This technology provides a more precise and rigorous method for exploring disease models in greater depth. In this webinar, our speakers will discuss the significant impact that imaging technologies have had on biomedicine and translational research, and how bioimaging might play a role in new and emerging scientific areas.
During the webinar, the speakers will:
• Discuss the impact of imaging on advances in biomedicine
• Present recent data from animal model studies, including studies on the development of therapeutics for cancer treatment
• Jointly discuss multimodal imaging applications and the role of imaging in new fields such as image-guided surgery, optogenetics, and genome editing
• Answer your questions live during the broadcast!

Durata del Webinar: 60 min

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Disponibile on-demand >>>

coordinatore: Reinaldo Alvarez, reinaldo.alvarez@unimib.it, tel. 3348, 3330

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