Course XXXIII PhD student

PhD students in Tecnologie Convergenti per i Sistemi Biomolecolari (TeCSBi)

academic year 2017-2018

Bertacchi Stefano - PhD student


room: 4054, tel: 02 6448 3428

tutor: Prof. Branduardi Paola

project title: Tailoring microbial cell factories for the valorization of residual biomasses to nutraceuticals

Microorganismi: fabbriche invisibili - Pillole di Scienza di Stefano Bertacchi
Bovio Federica - PhD student


room: 4010, tel: 02 6448 3409

tutor: Prof. Lotti Marina

project title: Cadmium interference in human SOD1 structure and function: an in vitro model of neurodegenerative diseases

Brambati Chiara - PhD student

tutor: Prof. Vanoni Marco

project title: Development of Innovative Q-LAMP Assay for Detection of Viral Genomes

Fontana Federico - PhD student


room: 2014, tel: +39 02 6448 3366

tutor: Prof. Nicotra Francesco

project title: Multi-faceted computational techniques for biomaterials characterization

Il futuro della medicina: la modellistica per i biomateriali -Pillole di Scienza di Federico Fontana
Frigerio Jessica - PhD student


room: 2012, tel: +39 02 6448 3387

tutor:  Prof. Labra Massimo

project title:  Development of DNA-based technologies for the authenticity, quality and safety assessment in food industry

Guzzetti Lorenzo - PhD student


room: 4009, tel: +39 02 6448 3412

tutor: Prof. Labra Massimo

project title:  Valorization of African Neglected and Underutilized Species (NUS) to promote the resilience of Subsaharan agricultural systems

Lodrini Alessandra - PhD student


room: 3012/3016, tel: +39 02 6448 3377/3313

tutor: Prof. Rocchetti Marcella

project title:  Human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes as cell-based platform to study cardiac senescence

Marsella Antonio - PhD student


room: 5052, tel: +39 02 6448 3549

tutor: Prof. Longhese Maria Pia

project title: Study of the Role of the Ku Complex in DNA Metabolism

Mento Alfredo - PhD student

tutor:  Prof. Branduardi Paola

project title:  Purification and chemoselective conjugation of recombinant proteins

Rizza Fabio - PhD student


room: 5017-5044, tel: +39 (02) 6448 3522/3534

tutor:  Prof. De Gioia Luca

project title: Neurofibromin: a molecular modelling and system biology approach

Luis Pedro Matos Melo Ferraz - PhD student


room: 4054, tel: +39 (02) 6448 3428

tutor:  Prof. Branduardi Paola

project title:  Membrane stress caused by short chain fatty acids in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Jayaprakash Pooja - PhD student


room: 4054, tel: +39 (02) 6448 3428

tutor:  Prof. Branduardi Paola

project title: Enhancing organic acid tolerance in the non- Saccharomyces yeasts Zygosaccharomyces (para)bailii and Kluyveromyces marxianus

Yeasts feeding our home and sustaining our planet - Science pills of Pooja Jayaprakash