Services offered


The BBC structures and its personnel are able to offer services for fermentation processes based both on wild-type and genetically modified microrganisms:

  • Development of biotech bioprocesses

– Strain selection and optimization

– Optimization of growth fermentation media

– Optimization of production of bioprocesses

  • Pilot fermentation

– Batch, Fed-Batch and continuo

– High cell density fermentation

  • Process design and scale-up
  • Scaling down
  • Bioreactor modelling and simulation
  • Product purification and analysis

The wide experience in technology transfer for fine and bulk chemicals and protein production is proven by the several deposited patents (see below).

Additionally, BBC guarantees and offers

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Analysis of existing projects
  • Economic evaluation of bioprocesses
  • Business plan draft
  • Scientific and technical assistance for patent development
  • State of the art and literature research

The flexibility of the facility allows to carry on projects in every stage of their development. The competencies and the instruments necessary for the optimization of the production process, increment of product yield and purification and process scale-up are available. We are organized in “Project teams”, each of which made of specialists best suited for the needs of your project. Every “Project team” is supervised by a project leader responsible for the time schedule and economic impact of the solutions proposed, constantly interfacing with your industry experts.

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