Bicocca Biotechnicum Center


The Biotechnicum (BCC) is a biotechnology facility aimed at the development of proprietary industrial strains, fermentation and bioconversion processes for the production of commercially interesting proteins, metabolites and enzyme.

The development of new biotech products and processes requires more and more highly skilled personnel and high-tech structures and instruments.

The “classic” research labs, both academic and of small and medium enterprises, generally do not have the proper facilities for this aim. As a consequence, while it is, generally speaking, possible to develop new products, it is very hard to implement a production process. The major obstacles are:

  • difficulties associated to the development of the producing organism
  • inability to obtain high concentrations of biomass of the producing organism
  • inability to obtain high concentrations of the final product
  • high costs and low speed of the production process
  • inefficient procedures for the purification of the product
  •  lack of valid information for the transfer from lab scale to the semi-production scale

BBC aims at solving these difficulties making more efficient the development phase, pointing out since the beginning obstacles and difficulties that typically come out only later in the production process, with evident increment of costs and time. For more information please visit or write



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