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lunedì 6 febbraio 2017, ore 14:00, aula 2025, edificio U3.

Petra Hirsova, PhD Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Mayo Clinic
Jae-Woo Lee, MD, Associate Professor of Anesthesia, UCSF School of Medicine

Exosomes encapsulate and transport a wide variety of molecules generated by their cell-of-origin, a process now thought to be a form of cellular signaling.
Exosome signaling is common across cell types and species, but it is of particular interest in diseases with an inflammatory component. While exosome isolation and analysis is useful to understanding the mechanisms behind these multifaceted diseases, exosomes may also be exploited for their therapeutic potential. The Scientist is bringing together a panel of experts to review the current knowledge on exosomes in inflammation, and to explore the potential for exosome-based therapeutics. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with the experts, ask questions, and seek advice on topics that are related to their research.

Topics to be covered:
-The exosomal cargoes released during inflammation, and their potential as therapeutic targets
-How inflammatory diseases are uniquely suited to exosome analysis

Durata del Webinar: 79 min

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coordinatore: Reinaldo Alvarez,, tel. 3340

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