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Thursday, February 11, 2015, time 14:00, room 2025, building U3.

James Keck – Senior Director, In Vivo Pharmacology & Clinical Lab Services, The Jackson Laboratory
Markus Manz – Director, Division of Hematology, University of Zürich Medical School

Humanized mouse models, where human tumor tissue is engrafted into immunodeficient NOD SCID gamma (NSG) mice, are frequently being used in oncology and infectious disease studies to provide valuable translational insights. In this webinar, James Keck and Markus Manz will discuss the applications and considerations of using humanized mice to understand disease biology and evaluate therapeutic interventions.

Webinar Time: 53 min

*Is recommended to bring your own headphones to have a better audio quality.

coordinator: Reinaldo Alvarez, reinaldo.alvarez@unimib.it, tel. 3348

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