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Course of Molecular Enzymology – April 2015

This course is focused on molecular aspects of enzymology (mechanisms, kinetics and thermodynamics). The course includes two kinds of lessons: theoretical lectures and active, student-centred learning activities. Theoretical lectures will deal with enzyme classification, one- and two-substrate kinetics, specificity and energy of reaction, kinetics of inhibition, cooperativity and allostery etc., some example of industrial enzymes.
In the practical module, students will be engaged in individual work aimed to extract information from original scientific literature, computer programs, open-access databases and resources. The aim is to reach a deep understanding of structure, kinetics and mode of action of one enzyme that will be assigned by tutors. Individual work of students will be supported by remote or direct tutoring of teachers. Each student participating to the active-learning module will present the results of his research in a 20-minutes talk (ppt-supported). Participation of all students in the final discussion is warmly encouraged.

Karl Hult: Professor emeritus, Industrial Biotechnology/Biochemistry, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden (kalle@biotech.kth.se)
Yves Galante Associato, Gruppo di Biocatalisi, Istituto di Chimica del Riconoscimento Molecolare, CNR, Milano (yves.galante@icrm.cnr.it)

Program Molecular Enzymology 2015


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